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A lonely, embittered newspaper reporter, an immortal Egyptian prince from the 18th Dynasty,
and a
mythical shape-shifter that stalks them both.

From the Painted Tomb

After her fiancée elopes the morning of their wedding, newspaper reporter Krista Hawthorne  wants as far away from Arizona as she can get. With no ties except for her adoptive mother, she moves to a small town in the Appalachian mountains. She plans to avoid romantic entanglements, concentrate on building a new life, and learn to trust again. But a month of lonely weekends drives her to accept a dinner invitation from her fellow reporter.

That night, just as the full moon rises over the Lune River, a horrifying howl echoes through the state park, and the maddened creature Krista faces tests every belief she holds dear. A mythical shape-shifter wearing an Egyptian ankh medallion matching the one she inherited, attacks and kills her date, but doesn’t harm her. She lives in terror, knowing it's out there, waiting for another chance—until the local sheriff helps her discover her true heritage and reveals why that creature let her live.

From Black Lyon Publishing

Scheduled for release 10/2019