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Hello. I'm Brenda Hill.
Thanks for stopping by.

In the next few pages you'll learn a bit more about me, discover some of my books, and you'll find FREE Writing & Editing tips.

I love working with writers whether it's editing, teaching the craft, or providing suggestions in a Coaching capacity. If I can help you, Contact Me.

Even with all the knowledge I've tried to absorb, I still find it difficult to write a successful novel. The tim and effort involved is astronomical. But I, as well as other writers I know, keeping working because we're a determined people. We have to write. And we should, because when one has the burning desire to create, it's for a reason.

Who knows? Maybe something that our characters experience will have an impact on someone else. Even in our bizarre stories - suspense, serial killer, or even ghosts - perhaps something we write will touch someone in a positive way.

And that's a good thing.   

Good writing, and the best of luck to you!

TEN TIMES GUILTY: A Gripping Crime Thriller of Passion, Brutality, and Rage

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Watch for news about my latest, FROM THE PAINTED TOMB:

An embittered newspaper reporter who wants to learn to trust, an immortal Egyptian prince who hides his true identity, and the mythical beast that stalks them both.

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WINDOWS: A Short Story Collection of New Beginnings, of Love, Pain, and Enduring Strength, featuring Puddles, my rescue puppy.

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